How To Share Your Google Business Profile With Your Marketer

1. Get Your Agency’s Location ID Number

You will need to enter your marketing agency’s location ID number in Step 6. To ensure you can complete the entire process, contact them and secure this number before you get started.

2. Sign In

Go to and sign in to your GBP account.

3. Select Your Business

Choose your location from the “Businesses” section.

4. Navigate to the Users Section

In the left navigation, click “Users.”

5. Invite Your Marketing Agency

Click the “Add” icon in the upper right of the box. Then, click “Invite new users.”

6. Enter the Provided Location ID

Your agency will provide you with a Location ID number. Enter it into the text box.

7. Assign Manager Role

In the “Choose a role” drop-down menu, select “Manager.”

8. Send Invite

Complete the invitation process by clicking “Invite.”

9. Confirm Access

Verify that your marketing agency now has access to your Google Business Profile. Contact them to confirm they can get into your account.

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